Before buying CPL doors

CPL (continuous pressure laminate) surface doors represent products that are sold at an increasing rate on the market of indoor portals. Although this collective term designates a particular category, there are still multiple price/value ratio items within the group. In the following, we’ll briefly present the parameters which future door buyers can use to make sense of the wide range of offers.

Before buying CPL doors

What should I pay attention to when choosing a door?

It’s important for the door to harmonize with the other surfaces of the space and Full Doors offers a wide range of surfaces for this purpose, with an exceptionally expansive range of models in a number of variations, plus subsequent to the on-site survey for the door, they’re manufactured according to the precise wall opening size, just like visiting a real tailor.

All Full Doors door surfaces and accessories (door frame surfacing, edges, glazing bars) are covered with CPL foil. This means that the entire product has a uniform color and pattern and is strong and wear resistant, unlike products with parts encased in cheaper, so-called decorative laminates. These products are easily “exposed” by taking a close look at the edge of the door plane or the door frame architrave  and discovering that they have a different touch, sheen or pattern than the face of the door.  

By default, the door plate’s frame construction are made of stout, compact woodchip, plywood and MDF (medium-density fibreboard) layers, therefore our door panels are massive and less prone to rippling or warping during regular use than doors with a simpler structure which do not feature such materials and are simply assembled with MDF edges. Although this difference isn’t externally apparent, they provide a different sense of quality during use and have a poorer mechanical resistance.

Another important factor is the material found beneath the laminate. In the case of Full Doors door plates, this is an HDF (high-density fibreboard) panel, whilst the light, thin woodchip panels used in cheaper mass products don’t necessarily provide appropriate support, therefore the door panel can simply break when colliding with a harder object.

Furthermore, it’s worth considering that Full Doors products with greater technical content look identical to base products, thus fire safety, wet or damp, noise reduction or radiation protection doors look externally the same and are perhaps only a few millimeters thicker and heavier than average room doors.

Apart from designs with fashionable, sharp edges, Full Doors CPL doors are also available with so-called cornice edges that provide a classic appearance.

Above and beyond CPL products, Full Doors also offers refined painted, and near-natural veneer doors in a similarly wide range of models, ensuring a particularly high level of variability. Through our website, we strive to present the diversity that, over the past 25 years, has made our Full Doors interior products increasingly popular amongst buyers, interior designers and contractors in Hungary and the surrounding countries alike.